The Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces Charitable Trust was set up 18 months ago to 'protect and enhance the Commons and Open Spaces lying at the heart of the Blaxhall community, and to ensure that the contribution of this land to the unique character of the village is maintained'.


We are planning to say goodbye to one of our Founding Members – Nigel Suckling who retires by rotation in November 2017.

Nigel was fundamental in getting us to where we are now, and we are hugely grateful for all his hard work.

Retiring by rotation is a normal practice in the charity sector and allows the opportunity for new blood and new ideas to come forward.

We are looking for someone to replace Nigel and we are asking everyone in Blaxhall to consider putting themselves forward to be considered as a new Trustee.

To be a Trustee the main requirements for the role are:- Enthusiasm, Commitment, some Spare Time, the ability to engage with people, as well as a long and abiding love of everything that we value about Blaxhall.

The final decision to appoint a new Trustee lies with the existing Trustees, however we would encourage everyone to express their interest by e-mailing -, or look at our website for information about our existing Trustees and our aims and objectives:-