The Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces Charitable Trust commissioned Suffolk Wildlife Trust during 2016 to undertake an environmental assessment of the commons and open spaces within Blaxhall. A copy of the initial brief to Suffolk Wildlife Trust is available to download.

The work was partially funded by a grant from Suffolk Coast and Heaths which contributed £800.00 towards the cost of £840 for the assessment, with the balance being funded from the trusts reserves.

The work was undertaken during March 2017 and covered the four following areas:-

In addition to the feedback about the four commons and open spaces, Suffolk Wildlife Trust have provided information about their methodology and research, plus some specific advise about managing Ivy and Scrub management.

The Trustees of the Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces Charitable Trust are very much aware of the feedback from the ‘Your Views Matter’ exercise at our open meeting in March 2016, where people cautioned that any activities affecting the commons and open spaces should be ‘light touch’.

The Trustees are committed to involving the villagers in the review of the recommendations by Suffolk Wildlife Trust and any subsequent action plans to address these recommendations before any work is undertaken.

The Trustees are planning on holding a further open meeting during the summer of 2017 to take on board any feedback about the environmental assessment and plan how we take any recommendations forward.

Between now and the summer open meeting can we would ask that you send any feedback using the following Environmental Assessment feedback form.

If you have any questions about the Suffolk Wildlife Trust’s environmental assessment please email